Wear protective equipment, Avoid high pressure fluids, Keep riders off machinery – Great Plains YP825A3P Operator Manual User Manual

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Table of Contents



Wear Protective Equipment

Great Plains advises use of the following personal safety

Hearing protection, such as earmuffs or earplugs, for

making planter adjustments with the hydraulic fan
running.Prolonged exposure to loud noise can cause
hearing impairment or loss.

Avoid wearing entertainment headphones while operating
machinery. Operating equipment safely requires the full
attention of the operator.

Face shield, goggles or full face respirator when handling

treated seed, seed lubricants or seed treatment.

Gloves for working near sharp objects, and for handing

lubricants or treatments.

Avoid High Pressure Fluids

Escaping fluid under pressure can penetrate the skin,
causing serious injury. This planter requires a
Power-Beyond port, which is always under pressure
when the tractor is running.

Avoid the hazard by relieving pressure at other remotes, and

shutting down tractor before connecting, disconnecting or
inspecting hydraulic lines.

Use a piece of paper or cardboard, NOT BODY PARTS, to

check for suspected leaks.

Wear protective gloves and safety glasses or goggles when

working with hydraulic systems.

If an accident occurs, seek immediate medical assistance

from a physician familiar with this type of injury.

Keep Riders Off Machinery

Riders obstruct the operator’s view. Riders could be
struck by foreign objects or thrown from the machine.

Never allow children to operate equipment.
Keep all bystanders away from machine during operation.

Use Safety Lights and Devices

Slow-moving tractors and towed implements can create
a hazard when driven on public roads. They are difficult
to see, especially at night.

Use flashing warning lights and turn signals whenever

driving on public roads.

Use lights and devices provided with implement.

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