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Table of Contents


Preparation and Setup



Table of Contents



Monitor Setup

Refer to Figure 19

The standard DICKEY-john


PM300 system monitors

the following elements of a YP4-6-825A3P planter:

• Seeds at each row unit seed tube.

• Ground speed.

See “Seed Monitor Console Installation” on page 112.

Refer to the DICKEY-john



Operator’s Manual for monitor operations.

After installation, and prior to first field use, the monitor
must be setup with the row spacing and speed sensor
constant, as well as your preferences for information
display. Row count is auto-assigned, but any other
factory defaults are not likely to be correct for your

Row spacing data may be found in the Appendix.

For speed setup, Great Plains recommends using the
400-foot calibration described in the DICKEY-john


manual, rather than using a theoretical “# of pulses”.
Perform the calibration run in representative field
conditions, as soil conditions, surface looseness and
other tillage practices can cause variations in the
effective rolling radius of the ground drive wheel.

Prior to each planting session, set any desired limits for
speed and population for the current crop.

Marker Setup (Option)

Prior to first use, check and adjust:

Marker Speed Adjustment” on page 113.

Prior to first use, and whenever changing row spacings,
set or reset:

Marker Extension” on page 114.

Prior to each planting session, check and adjust:

Marker Disk Adjustment” on page 42.

Figure 12

Monitor Primary Screen


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