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Table of Contents



5. Rate: Seed Inlet Shutter
A consistent seed results from having a consistent
number of seeds (usually one) in each pocket of the
seed disk, avoiding “skips” (fewer seeds per pocket) and
“doubles” (excess seed per pocket).

Refer to Figure 31

One of the factors that affects seed pickup at the disk is
having an optimal seed pool (page 56). The depth of the
seed pool is controlled by the seed inlet shutter


Each Seed Rate chart specifies a suggested initial
shutter setting. See “Seed Inlet Shutter Adjustment” on
page 55 f
or setting details, and further adjustment.

At unused rows, set the shutter to zero/closed to prevent
loss of meter pressurization air. Install a blank disk. See
Row Unit Shut-Off” on page 58.

6. Rate: Meter Pressurization

Refer to Figure 32
(which depicts a typical reading for some densities of corn)

A major factor that affects seed pickup at the disk is
optimal meter pressurization. Fan air holds the seed in
the disk pockets until they pass the drop brush
(page 32).

The Seed and Fertilizer Rate manual has a section with
suggested initial meter pressures, which may be a single
value, or a graph based on seed density.

Meter pressure is set by a combination of tractor circuit
lever and fan butterfly valve (page 31). See “Air System
” on page 27.

7. Rate: Checking
Although the seed monitor reports a computed
population based on seeds sensed, only an actual furrow
check provides certainty about the actual seeding rate.
See the Seed and Fertilizer Rate manual.

Figure 31

Seed Inlet Shutter: Setting III




Figure 32

Meter Pressure Gauge


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