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Table of Contents



Population Troubleshooting Charts

Population Too Low





Incorrect seed rate

Using Seed Rate Manual, check:
• seed disk selection,

• Range/Transmission sprocket setup, and

• tire size and inflation.

Empty pockets on disk (skips) due to
insufficient air pressure.

Methodically increase the meter pressurization.
See “Fan and Adjustment” on page 43.

Empty pockets on disk (skips) due to sticky
seed treatments not allowing seed to rapidly
fill the pockets.

Increase seed lubricant.

Empty pockets on disk (skips) due to rough
field conditions causing seeds to fall from
the disks.

Decrease field speed or increase the air pressure in
the meter.

Empty pockets on disk (skips) due to seed
pool too low, and seeds are not filling every
pocket on the disk.

Open shutter one notch.

Empty pockets on disk (skips) due to disk
speed too high, and pockets are not filling.

Decrease field speed or change to a higher cell count

Empty pockets on disk (skips) due to
singulation (4 tufted) brush too aggressive.

Check for matted, stuck together fibers. Wash, scrape
clean, or replace as needed.

Empty pockets on disk (skips) due to seed
too big for pocket.

Select the correct disk for the seed size.

Seeds are not falling from disk, and get
carried past drop zone. Static electricity can
cause small, lightweight seeds to cling to the
pocket and not fall out.

The graphite component of Ezee Glide Plus addresses
this issue. Increase the amount of Easy Glide Plus
and/or more thoroughly mix the lubricant into the seed.

Air pressure too low, as confirmed by gauge. Increase fan speed or reduce butterfly valve setting.

Air pressure too low, but gauge reading is
within range or reading high.

• Inspect the



inch sample lines from the row units

up to the sensor chamber for leaks (page 66).

• Make sure all non-planting rows have blank disks

and shutters are closed (page 59).

• Re-zero the gauge with the fan off (page 66).

• Check gauge vent line for kinks, pinches or plugging

(page 66).

Excess field speed

Plant within speed ranges recommended in Seed Rate

Incorrect speed sensor constant.

Perform speed calibration per seed monitor manual.

Incorrect magnetic speed sensor gap.

Check and adjust (page 79).

(Option) Incorrect radar speed sensor angle. With planter lowered, check radar speed sensor angle

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