Practice safe maintenance, Safety at all times – Great Plains YP825A3P Operator Manual User Manual

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Table of Contents


Important Safety Information



Table of Contents



Practice Safe Maintenance

Understand procedure before doing work. Use proper

tools and equipment. Refer to this manual for additional

Work in a clean, dry area.
Lower the planter, put tractor in park, turn off engine, and

remove key before performing maintenance.

Make sure all moving parts have stopped and all system

pressure is relieved.

Allow planter to cool completely.
Disconnect battery ground cable (-) before servicing or

adjusting electrical systems or before welding on planter.

Inspect all parts. Make sure parts are in good condition

and installed properly.

Remove buildup of grease, oil or debris.
Remove all tools and unused parts from planter before


Safety At All Times

Thoroughly read and understand the instructions in this
manual before operation. Read all instructions noted on
the safety decals.

Be familiar with all planter functions.
Operate machinery from the driver’s seat only.
Do not leave planter unattended with tractor engine


Do not stand between the tractor and planter during


Keep hands, feet and clothing away from power-driven


Wear snug-fitting clothing to avoid entanglement with

moving parts.

Watch out for wires, trees, etc., when folding and raising

planter. Make sure all persons are clear of working area.

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