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Operating Instructions



Table of Contents




Loss of Control Hazard:
Do not transport with insufficient ballast or with an
inadequate tractor.

Check that your tractor has enough ballast for the weight of
the drill. A tractor with insufficient ballast has insufficient
traction at the front wheels, causing loss of control, leading to
a serious road accident, injury or death. Refer to your tractor
operator manual for ballast requirements.

Check that tractor is rated for the fully-ballasted load. An
inadequate tractor may be damaged by over-loading. It is also
at risk for loss of control in turns and braking, leading to a
serious road accident, injury or death.

The planter can weigh nearly 11,000 pounds (5000 kg),
depending on configuration and seed load. The tractor
MUST be rated and ballasted for the load. Do not tow if
planter exceeds the load rating of the vehicle. See tables
on next page for typical configuration weights.

Transport Steps

Transport only with markers stowed (page 33).


Check that planter is securely hitched to a sufficient
tractor (page 13).


Verify correct operation of lights.


Fold markers if unfolded (Option, page 33).


Raise planter (page 20).

Increased Hazards and Wear Risks:
Seed may be loaded prior to travel, but increases stopping
distance, increases the need for caution in turns and braking,
and increases tire wear.


If any seed is in hoppers or delivery hoses, close
seed inlet shutters at meters (page 58).


Plan the route. Avoid steep hills.


Always have lights on for highway operation.


Do not exceed 32 kph (20 mph). Comply with all
national, regional and local laws when traveling on
public roads.


Remember that the planter may be wider than the
tractor. Allow safe clearance.

10. Transport slowly over uneven or rough terrain.

Braking and Loss of Control Hazard:
Do not exceed 20 mph (32 kph)..

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