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Table of Contents



1. Identify Rows to Shut Off
On twin-row planters, openers are installed with short
and long opener mounts. If locking up unused rows of a
twin-row planter, shut off the rear (long mount) rows.

On single-row planters with mid-length mounts, any rows
may be locked up.

If not locking up rows, any rows may be shut off.

2. Close Seed Shutter

Refer to Figure 68 on page 58

Lift the handle

away from the plate. Move it to the top

position, and release the handle into the notch.

Closing the shutter

prevents meter pressurization air

from leaking into the bulk seed air system, resulting in
lower pressures in adjacent rows, with risk of skips.

The shutter also stops seed flow from a row as soon as
the meter is empty. Bulk seed flow to the row falls to nil
as soon as the seed backs up to the air release vent at
the top of the meter.

3. Install Blank Disk

Refer to Figure 69

Clean out meter. See “Meter Clean-Out” on page 76.
Remove seed disk and install blank disk. See “Air-Pro


Meter Disk Installation” on page 57.

Blank disks (part number 817-841C) are essential in row
shut-off, both to maintain consistent meter back-pressure
to meter pressurization and to prevent wear on seed
disks and minimize wear on brushes.

Blank disks are engineered to simulate a seed disk with
seed in all pockets. Blanks are particularly important on
the rows with sensor lines to the pressure chamber.

4. Lock-Up Row
Alternate twin-row units (the rear units) can be pinned in
the up position to accommodate single-row spacing.

Refer to Figure 70

The lock-up pins

are located in a storage hole


the row unit mount. To lock up a unit, the unit must be
raised, and the pin moved to the lock-up hole

in the

row unit shank.

Note: Lock-up pins are provided for every other row of

twin-row configurations. If you lose a pin, the
replacement part number is 805-033C

Irregular Seeding Risk:
Always use a blank disk in a shut-off row. Operating with no
disk, or with a seed disk but no seed, destabilizes the regulated
airflow, particularly at rows with pressure sensor lines.

Figure 69

Shutter Closed, Blank Disk Installed




Crushing and Sharp Object Hazards:
Do not attempt to lift a row unit by hand. The weight of the
unit, plus the force of the springs (even at minimum) is too
great (plus, a free hand is needed for pin insertion). Even with
multiple people lifting, hand-lifting is unsafe - there are
numerous sharp edges, and the row unit snaps down violently
if a grip is lost.

Figure 70

25AP Row Unit Lock-Up Pin










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