Threading the top thread – SINGER 1500 Izek User Manual

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1. Raise the presser foot lifter. Always be sure to raise

the presser foot lifter before threading the top thread.

(If the presser foot lifter is not raised, correct thread

tension cannot be obtained.)

2. Turn the hand wheel toward you until the needle is in

its highest position and the thread take-up is visible.

3. Thread the machine in the following order as illustrated.

* Guide the thread through thread guides (1), (2) and (3), and then

pull it down along the groove.

* Do a U-turn around the inside of the tab (4).
* Pass the thread through the thread take-up (5) from right to left.
* Insert the thread into the inside of the groove (6).
* Guide the thread onto the thread guide (7).
* Pass the thread through the eye of the needle (8) from front to back.

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