SINGER 1500 Izek User Manual

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A-006 (Mirror image)^w ^ til A-007 (Mirra- image)

SETTINGS Presser foot - Zigzag foot

:Thread tension control - 3 - 5

- Regular blind stitch for normal fabrics

- Elastic blind stitch for soft, stretchable fabrics

Reminder: Patterns for blind hemming must be mirror


(Screen 1)

(J) Medium to



Under side

Fine fabric

Under side



Under side

1. First finish the raw edge. Do this by turning it under on fine fabrics or 3. Place the fabric under 4. When completed, the

overcasting it on medium to heavyweight fabrics.

Then turn the hem up the required depth, press and pin in place.

2. Now fold the fabric as illustrated.

the foot with the fold of
the fabric positioned so
that the needle just

pierces the fold when

the needle swings to the
left. Use stitch width
control to fine tune exact

position of needle.

stitching is almost invisible
on the right side of the



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