Testing to sew – SINGER 1500 Izek User Manual

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Test straight stitch function available without connecting the GAME BOY.

SETTINGS :Presser foot - Zigzag foot

:Thread tension control - 3 - 5

Needle position: Center needle position

Stitch length: 3 mm

1. Turn on the power for the sewing


2. Pull both threads under the presser

foot toward the back of the machine,

leaving about 6" (15cm) clear.

3. Place the fabric under the presser foot

and lower the presser foot lever.

4. Turn the hand wheel toward you until

the needle enters the fabric.

5. Start the machine.

Guide the fabric gently with your hand.

6. When reaching the edge of the material, stop the sewing machine.

7. First turn the handwheel toward you until the

needle is at its highest position, then raise

the presser foot, draw materials to the rear

and cut off excess thread with the thread
cutter located or\the bottom of face cover
as shown.

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