Adjusting top,thread tension, Changing presser foot, Adjusting top thread tension – SINGER 1500 Izek User Manual

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Well balanced

Straight stitching, the good looking appearance of your stitching
is largely determined by the balanced tension of both top and
bobbin threads. The tension is well balanced when these two

threads ‘lock’ in the middle of layers of fabric you are sewing.

If, when you start to sew, you find that the stitching is irregular,

you will need to adjust the tension control.

Make any adjustments with presser foot ‘down’.

Some commercially-available sewing machine

threads are wound onto heavy spools.
When using spools such as this, the thread tension
will tend to become tighter, so you may need to

loosen the thread tension.



Be sure needle is in the up position. Raise presser foot lifter.

1. Push presser foot release button to remove the foot.

2. Place the desired foot on the needle plate aligning the presser

foot pin with the foot holder.

3. Lower the presser foot lifter so that the foot holder snaps on

the foot.

Foot holder


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