Flexi stitch patterns, Adjusting stitch length, Balancing flexi-stitches – SINGER 7025 User Manual

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Flexi stitch patterns

(except machines with 5 stitches)

Adjusting stitch length

The flexi-stitch, only accepts stitches works

which on panel, are to the right of each

pattern group.

Act upon the following manner:

• Turn the stitch length dial to the left until

the dot on the dial lines up with the dot on
the machine, as shown.

Note: If for any reason the machine does not

start sewing your desired pattern after

aligning the two dot symbols, push in
on the reverse stitch button.

Balancing flexi-stitches

(except machines with 5 stitches)

You may need to adjust the Flexi-stitch Balance
selector when using a flexi-stitch pattern in








Before you move the stitch balance dial from
its neutrai position, make a test sample using

two layers of scrap fabric. If adjustment is

required stitch siowiy and move the selector

as you sew.

• Move selector to the right to separate

stitches of pattern.

• Move seiector to the left to bring stitches of

the pattern together.


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