Twin needle sewing, Procedure – SINGER 7025 User Manual

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Twin needle sewing

Additional accessory


Make sure not to use a stitch width
greater than that what is recommended
when twin needle stitching.

Recommended settings

Stitch Selection: Desired stitch

Needle Position:

Stitch Width:

Stitch Length: 2-5
Foot: Generai Purpose (B)
Needie Plate: General Purpose (A)


• Turn the machine off.

• Insert the twin needle with the flat side of the

shank toward the rear of the machine.

• Thread the machine as you normally would

for single needle stitching, and pass the
thread through the left eye of the twin needle.

• Insert a second spool pin into the hole on

the top cover of the machine, as Illustrated.

• Thread the machine in the usual way.

• Pass the thread through the remaining points,

making certain to omit the thread guide Just

above the needle and pass thread through
right eye of needle.

• Draw both threads under the foot and back

along with the bobbin thread,

• Slowly lower the needle into the hole in the

needle plate by turning the hand wheel

toward you to make sure the needle clears

the plate.


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