SINGER 14T948DS User Manual

Page 12

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Using the machine

Inserting needles

- Switch the machine off “O”.

Disconnect machine from

electricity supply.

- Turn the handwheel until needles

are fully raised.

- Lower the presser foot.

- Use the hexagon wrench to

loosen the needle setscrew.

Remove needle.

- Insed the needle flat side

towards the back, as far as

possible into the needle clamp.

Tighten the screw.

- The left needle is set higher than

the right needle.

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Raising the upper knife

- Turn the handwheel to raise the


- Open the looper cover.

- Press the upper knife holder to

the right. Turn the knob

clockwise until the knife engages.

- Close the looper cover.

To lower the upper knife;

- Turn the knob anti-clockwise.

The knife snaps automatically

into its lower position. Clo5e the

looper cover.