Trial sewing, thread tension – SINGER 14T948DS User Manual

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Trial sewing, thread

Sewing test

After threading make a trial run.

Always use a double layer of fabric

in order to be able to check the

stitch formation and thread tension


- Switch the machine on “I”.

- Set all tension dials to 4.

- Raise the front of the presser

foot slightly with your thumb and

position the fabric under the foot

just up to the knife.

- Sew.

- At the end of the seam continue

sewing a 8cm (4”) long thread


- Cut the thread chain and

remove work.

Check your trial run

1 Upper looper thread (blue)

2 Lower looper thread (red)

3 Right needle thread (green)

4 Left needle thread (yellow)

Perfect stitch formation is when

both looper threads meet at the

fabric edge. The needle threads

form straight stitches for a

stretchy and durable seam.

Thread tension adjustments may

be required depending on the type
of fabric and thread being used.