Attaching the foot control, Sewing speed, Assembling the thread stand – SINGER 14T948DS User Manual

Page 8: Thread cones, Power/fight switch

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Preparing the machine

Attaching the foot control

Plug foot control into machine

socket (A) and then into main

socket (B).

Sewing speed

The sewing speed can be

adjusted by increasing or

decreasing the pressure on the

foot control(C).

Assembling the thread stand

Raise the support rod fully,

turning slightly until the

positioning catches engage.

Thread cones

The anti-vibration cone should

be used with the wider edge to the

bottom on the spool holder
pin when sewing with cones.

When using household spools

remove the anti-vibration cones.

Place spool on spool holder pins

and push the spool caps on.

If threads slip and get twisted,
cover the spools with the nets

supplied in the accessory box.


Power/fight switch

The power switch is conveniently

placed on the handwheel side of

the machine.

T - ON