SINGER 14T948DS User Manual

Page 6

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Preparing the machine

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1 Screwdriver

2 Tweezers

3 Oiler
4 Cleaning brush
5 Set of needles
6 Net

7 Spool caps
8 Waste collector
9 Hexagon wrench

10 Upper knife

Accessory Box

All standard accessories are

stored in the box. Pull out to open,
push in to close.

Looper cover

To open push to the right with your
thumb in the indent and tilt towards
you. To close push It Up and the
cover engages automatically.

Waste collector

Fabric waste will be collected as
you sew. Push the waste collector

under the front of the machine and
slightly to the left towards the cloth
plate cover.

Cloth plate cover

To open push the lever up.
To close push the cover up to the

right, It snaps into position