Adjustments and settings, Stitch length, Cutting width – SINGER 14T948DS User Manual

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Adjustments and

Stitch length

- The stitch length can be adjusted

from 1 to 4 mm.

- Higher number = longer stitch,

lower number = shorter stitch.

- Basic stitch length = N.

Cutting width

The cutting width should be
adjusted according to the type of

fabric being sewn. Check the
seam each time and adjust the
cutting width accordingly.

Adjusting the cutting width:
- Open cloth plate cover

- Turn cutting width dial;
- Clockwise to move knife to the

left (for heavier fabrics).

- Counter-clockwise to move the

knife to the right (for lighter


How to use the needle plate

Switch the lever to select the
regular or rolled hem and narrow
hem sewing. "N" for regular sew­

"R" for roiled and narrow hem