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The foot hemmer may

be used for hemming

edge of material, mak­

ing hemmed and felled

seams and for hemming
and sewing on lace in

one operation.
Raise needle to its high­

est point, remove pres­

ser foot and attach foot

hemmer to presser bar
in place of presser foot.

Pull up bobbin thread as instructed on

page 16.

To Start Hem at Very Edge

1. Fold edge of material twice, about

^ inch each time, for a distance of

about two inches. Crease folds.

Fig. 38

Foot Hemmer

2. Lay about three inches of needle and

bobbin threads back under hemmer.
Place creased edge of material under

hemmer with end of hem directly
under needle. Lower hemmer and
tack end of hem with two machine


Fig, 39. Starting Hem at Very End of Material


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