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background image

in Fig. 54, serve as guides for sewing
together laces, insertions and embroid­
eries, sewing in position hemmed or

folded edges, piping or sewing flat

braid to a garment.

To Adjust the Edge-Stitcher

Fasten this attachment to presser bar in
place of presser foot.

Turn hand wheel slowly by hand to see

that needle goes through center of

needle hole.

The distance from line of stitching to
edge of material in slots is regulated by
moving lug D2, Fig. 54 to right or left.
If lug moves with difficulty, place a drop
of oil under blue spring, then wipe it


To Sew Lace Together

1. Insert one of the laces in slot 1 of

edge-stitcher and the other in slot

4, Fig. 54.



. Sewing Lace Together


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