To adjust ruffler for gathering – SINGER 201 User Manual

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J—Separator Blade—prevents ruffling

blade teeth from damaging material

or feed.

1. Raise needle to its highest point.

2. Loosen presser foot thumb screw and

attach ruffler to presser bar in place

of presser foot, at same time placing

fork arm B astride needle clamp.

3- See that needle enters center of needle

hole in ruffler.

To Adjust Ruffler for Gathering

1. Swing adjusting finger F away from


2. Raise adjusting lever E and move it

until projection D can be entered in

slot marked “1”.


Fig, 64. Correct Position for Material

to he Pjijfled

3. Insert material to be ruffled between

two blue blades Line 2, Fig. 64.

Fig. 65. Gathering with Ruffler


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