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found particularly advantageous for

making children’s wear, lingerie, sum­

mer dresses, and other dainty articles
which call for narrower bindings.

As two different widths of binding of
contrasting colors can be fed through

binder at same time, attractive binding

and piping effects can be produced in
one operation.

To Attach the Binder

Raise needle to its highest position.
Then attach binder to presser bar in

place of presser foot.
See that needle enters center of needle

To Insert Binding In Binder

Cut all binding to a long point to the
left, as shown in 48.

Folded bias binding

must be inserted in the

slot or slots of corre­

sponding sizes. See

Fig. 51.
Unfolded or raw edge

bias binding must be

inserted in the open
end of the scroll. See


4 9


After inserting pointed
end of binding in bind­

er, push it through until full width of
binding is under needle.
Guide binding by means of two upright
pins, as shown in Figs. 49 to 53.

To Insert Garment in Binder

Place edge to be bound as far to right as

it will go in center slot of scroll C2, as
shown in Fig.

4 9

, and draw it back

under binder foot.

Fig. 48


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