To hem and sew on lace in one operation – SINGER 201 User Manual

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2. Open the work out flat, wrong side

up, and hem free edge of seam,
stitching it flat to garment as shown
in Fig. 44.

Fi£. 43.

lAaking a

Felled Seam

(First Operation)

Fig. 44. Making a

Felled Seam

(Second Operation)

To Hem and Sew on Lace

in One Operation

1. Start hem in regular way.

2. Hold hem in position with needle.

3. Raise presser bar and insert edge of

lace in slot of hemmer and back

under hemmer.

4. Lower presser bar and start sewing,

catching edge of lace with needle.

5. Guide hem with right hand and lace

with left hand, being careful not to
stretch lace as it enters hemmer.

Fig. 45. Hemming and Sewing on Lace


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