Adjusting thread tension – SINGER 6215 User Manual

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When an even amount of tension is exerted on both threads, a smooth even stitch,

known as a balanced stitch, is produced.

Correct tension is important be­

cause too much or too little will weaken

your seams or cause your fabric to
pucker. Make a test sample with the
fabric and thread you plan to use and
examine it.

A perfect, well balanced stitch (1),

will have the needle and bobbin

threads locked between the two layers

of fabric with no loops on top or bottom
and no puckers.


Too much, tension will produce a

tight stitch (


) which will cause the

fabric to pucker.

• To decrease tension, turn thedial to a

lower number.

Too little tension will produce a

loose stitch (3) which will cause loops
in your seam.

• To increase tension, turn the dial to a

higher number.