SINGER 6215 User Manual

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As the owner of a new Singer sewing machine, you are about to begin an

exciting adventure in creativity. From the moment you first use your

machine, you will know you are sewing on one of the easiest to use sewing
machines ever made.

In addition to the many familiar Singer exclusives, like a removable

extension table and a friction-free spool holder, this machine offers
you these features;

• Zig-zag stitching for buttonholes, mending and decorative stitches.

• FlexI stitch patterns for sewing knits and other stretch fabrics.

• Built-in 4-step buttonholer that takes the difficulty out of making a


• Blindstitching for invisible hems.

• Easy to find “Letter-Coded” Accessories.

• Drop In front bobbin for easy, quick bobbin replacement.

• Simple stitch length dial and push button reverse stitching.

• Snap-on presser feet that are quickly removed and easily replaced.

• One-way needle insertion that makes it impossible to insert the needle


May we recommend that, before you start to use your sewing machine,

you discover the many advantages and the ease of operation by going
through this instruction book, step by step, seated at your machine.

To ensure that you are always provided with the most modern sewing

capabilities, the manufacturer reserves the right to change the appearance,

design or accessories of this sewing machine when considered


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