Changing the light bulb, Changing th0 light bulb – SINGER 6215 User Manual

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; Caution: Before changing light bulb, make sure you have removed plug from socket

outlet and remove face plate which covers the light bulb. Be sure to replace the face
plate which covers the light bulb before operating the machine.

This machine is designed to use a

15-watt maximum light bulb with a

locking pin base.

• Loosen and remove screw (1)

located on face plate.

• Remove face plate by grasping it

around the bottom edge and pulling

toward the left, then down and away

from machine.

• Do not attempt to unscrew light bulb.

• Push bulb up into socket and turn in

the direction of arrows to unlock bulb


• Pull bulb down and out of socket.

Push new bulb up Into socket and

turn in the direction of arrows until

pins lock into position.

Making sure the presser foot lifter is
up, replace the face plate by guiding

front top corner under and behind

lowest front corner of top cover.

Push bottom of face plate up and

back until it is aligned with top cover.

Insert screw and tighten.