Sewing a seam, Placing fabric under foot, Basting – SINGER 6215 User Manual

Page 18: Keeping seams straight

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You can sew seams easily and accurately when you follow the suggestions below.

Placing fabric under foot

Most fabrics can be placed under

the foot by raising the presser foot lifter
(1) to its normal “Up” position (2), where

it locks in place. When using bulky

fabric, multiple fabric layers or an
embroidery hoop, raise the lifter to the
high rise position (3), thus increasing
the space between the foot and the

needle plate.

• Lower presser foot lifter all the way

down and you are ready to sew.


Pin basting and hand basting are

easy ways to make temporary seams
before machine sewing.

• To pin baste, insert pins at stitching

line. NEVER place pins on the under­
side of fabric in contact with the feed.
Do not sew over pins; pull them out

as you stitch.

• To hand baste, make long, loose

stitches that can be easily removed.

Keeping seams straight

To keep seams straight, use one of

the guidelines on the needle plate.

The most commonly used line (


), the

5/8 inch (1.6 cm) seam allowance, is
extended onto the slide plate.