Kanguru U2D User Manual

Page 17

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4. Once the screen displays “READY TO GO”, tap the ‘RUN’ button to execute. During duplication

the screen will display the following:

Percentage completed

Amount of data copied

FULL 10/


13MB/s 21% 265.34M

Data transfer rate

WARNING! Do not remove any drives while they are in use. You can tell if a drive is in use if the green

LED next to it is blinking. Wait for a solid green or red LED before removing a drive. If you want to

interrupt the current process, tap the ‘RUN’ or ‘SET’ button.

5. Once the copy process is completed the screen will display the following:

Number of successful copies

Number of failed copies

FULL 10/



0 FLs

Drives that completed successfully will have a green LED displayed next to it, indicating that there

were no errors on that drive. Drives that failed the duplication process will have a red LED next

to it.

Note: The duplicator will keep a running count of passed and failed drives until you change copy


6. Remove all the target drives and you will return to the Main menu.

Duplicating Using a USB Device as the Source