Introduction – Kanguru U2D User Manual

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Congratulations on your purchase of the Kanguru USB Duplicator by Kanguru Solutions. The Kanguru

USB Duplicator is a high speed, stand-alone USB duplicator with an internal hard drive that can duplicate,

erase or verify up to 11, 21 or 43 USB devices (depending on model). The duplicator has many advanced

features for the IT professional, yet it easy enough to for a novice to use.

The Kanguru USB Duplicator copies data with fast copy speeds of up to 30MB/s*. The Kanguru USB

Duplicator is one of the fastest duplication systems available today.

* Actual data transfer rate performance dependant upon drive

Note: The Kanguru USB Duplicator only supports USB drives that are USB-IF compliant. If you are

making duplications using USB drives that are not USB-IF compliant, the USB Duplicator may not

function properly. The Kanguru USB Duplicator will also not work with hardware encrypted/protected

USB drives.


√ Supports: USB1.0 and USB2.0 A-type devices

√ Data Transfer Rate: up to 30MB/s (Per USB Port)*

√ Supports various copy modes including: Full, Smart, Brief and Resize

√ Copy, Compare, Erase from 11, 21 or 43 USB devices (depending on model)

√ Drive size and brand independent

√ Internal hard drive for storing device images

√ One-year Standard Warranty: This system comes complete with a one-year warranty that covers

parts and a 90 day warranty for labor.

√ Clones any file system: including DOS, FAT, FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4. The USB

Duplicator is also able to copy raw data.

* Actual data transfer rate performance dependant upon drive