Using your kanguru usb duplicator – Kanguru U2D User Manual

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To setup your Kanguru USB Duplicator for use:

1. Before plugging in the AC Power Cable, please make sure that the voltage is adjusted to the same

as your local voltage 110V/220V.

2. Make sure no USB drives are connected when powering on the unit.

3. You are now ready to begin using your Kanguru USB Duplicator. To begin, turn on the unit

using the power switch located on the back panel. The Kanguru USB Duplicator is powered by an

internal power supply that is controlled by a rocker switch located at the rear of the unit. Flip the

switch to the On position.

The system will start up and you will see some initialization screens. When the system has finished

initializing you will enter the Main menu. You are now ready to use your Kanguru USB Duplicator.

Things to remember:

• The Kanguru USB Duplicator supplies USB bus power to all drives. Most USB flash drives can

operate using USB bus power only. If your USB drive normally requires an external power source

to operate (most external USB Hard Drives require an external power source), then it will still

require that power source.

• Throughout this manual we will be referring to Source and Targets. The Source refers to the device

or image file that contains the data that you want to duplicate. Targets refer to devices that data will

be copied to.

• It is OK to connect and disconnect Source or Target drives while the Kanguru USB Duplicator is

powered on. However, do NOT disconnect drives while the machine is performing a function. Do

not unplug devices while their activity lights are blinking! Please wait until a solid green light or

solid red light appears next to the port the drive is connected to before removing it.

• When performing a Copy or Compare function, you can remove a Source drive once all the Target

drives have been removed, even if the indicator light next to the Source port is still blinking.

• Make sure that your USB drives are USB-IF compliant. USB drives that are not USB-IF compliant

will not work with the USB Duplicator.

• The USB Duplicator will not work with hardware encrypted/protected USB drives.

Using Your Kanguru USB Duplicator