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Page 4: Limited warranty

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Notices and Information


This user’s manual is intended for use with the latest firmware version. If any of the functions on your

unit are different from those mentioned here, please contact Kanguru Solutions to receive the latest

firmware version.

Copyright© 2010, Kanguru Solutions. All rights reserved.

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The Kanguru USB Duplicator only supports USB devices that are USB-IF compliant. If you are making

duplications using USB devices that are not USB-IF compliant, the USB Duplicator may not function properly.

The Kanguru USB Duplicator will also not work with hardware encrypted/protected USB devices.

In no event shall Kanguru Solutions’ liability exceed the price paid for the product from direct, indirect,

special, incidental, or consequential software, or its documentation. Kanguru Solutions offers no refunds

for its products. Kanguru Solutions makes no warranty or representation, expressed, implied, or statutory,

with respect to its products or the contents or use of this documentation and all accompanying software, and

specifically disclaims its quality, performance, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. Kanguru

Solutions reserves the right to revise or update its products, software, or documentation without obligation to

notify any individual or entity.

Kanguru Solutions will not be held responsible for any illegal use of this product nor any losses incurred while

using this product. The user himself is responsible for the copyright laws, and is fully responsible for any

illegal actions taken.


To obtain service or technical support for your system, please contact Kanguru Solutions Technical Support

Department at 508-376-4245, or visit for web support.


Kanguru Solutions guarantees that every Kanguru USB Duplicator will be free from defects in workmanship

and materials for 1 year from the date of purchase. This product carries a *1 year limited warranty on the power

supply, controller, and all internal components. The warranty does not cover any USB cables, Power cables,

or USB devices used in conjunction with the Kanguru USB Duplicator. This warranty does not apply if, in the

judgment of Kanguru Solutions, the product fails due to damage from handling, accident, abuse, misuse, or if

it has been used in a manner not conforming to the product’s instructions, has been modified in anyway, or the

warranty labels have been removed. If the product proves defective during this warranty period, call Kanguru

Solutions Technical Support in order to obtain a RMA required for service.

Kanguru Solutions does not offer money back returns on its duplicator product lines due to the

unique nature of the product. All units will be fully supported under manufacturer’s and/or

extended warranty plans.