Kanguru U2D User Manual

Page 30

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4.7 Del Img File

The DEL IMG FILE function is used for deleting an image file that has been saved either to the internal

hard drive or to a Storage Center.

To delete an image file:

1. From the SETUP menu, tap the ‘SET’ button to navigate to the DEL IMG FILE option.

2. Tap the ‘RUN’ button. The duplicator will ask you to input the name of the image file you want to


a. The file name consists of three digits. The digit furthest to the right will be blinking, indicating

that it is currently selected. Tap the ‘RUN’ button to increase the digit by one.

b. Tap the ‘SET’ button to select the next digit to the left. Tap the ‘RUN’ button to increase the

digit by one. Repeat this step as necessary.

3. When you have completed entering the name of the image file, hold the ‘RUN’ button to delete the

image file.

Note: If the screen displays the following message, “NO FILE_SYS IN SRC” then there is no data saved

to the image file that you selected.

Del Img File