Connecting to a home network (lan), Wired lan, Required system – Marantz NA-11S1 User Manual

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Connecting to a home network (LAN)

• This unit lets you play via your home network (LAN) music

files stored on a computer and music content such as that

from Internet radio.

You can also operate this unit from a computer using the

Web control function.

• You can update by downloading the latest firmware from the

Marantz website.

For more information, see “Update” (

vpage 12


• See “Setting the network [Network]” (

vpage  15

) for

more information on network setting.

Wired LAN


To WAN side


To LAN port
To LAN port

LAN port/





For connections to the Internet, contact an ISP (Internet

Service Provider) or a computer shop.

Required system

n Broadband Internet connection

n Modem

A device that connects to the broadband circuit and

conducts communications on the Internet.

A type that is integrated with a router is also available.

n Router

When using this unit, we recommend you use a router

equipped with the following functions:

• Built-in DHCP server

This function automatically assigns IP addresses on the


• Built-in 100BASE-TX switch

When connecting multiple devices, we recommend a

switching hub with a speed of 100 Mbps or greater.

n LAN cable (CAT-5 or greater recommended)

• Use only a shielded STP or ScTP LAN cable which is

available at retailer.

• Some flat type LAN cables are easily affected by noise.

We recommend using a normal type cable.

• If you have an Internet provider contract for a line

on which network settings are made manually,

make the settings at “Network connecting

(when “DHCP” settings is “Off”)” (

vpage 15


• With this unit, it is possible to use the DHCP and Auto IP

functions to make the network settings automatically.

• When using this unit with the broadband router’s DHCP

function enabled, this unit automatically performs the IP

address setting and other settings.

When using this unit connected to a network

with no DHCP function, make the settings for

the IP address, etc., at “Network connecting

(when “DHCP” settings is “Off”)” (

vpage 15


• When setting manually, check the setting contents with the

network administrator.


• A contract with an ISP is required to connect to the Internet.

• No additional contract is needed if you already have a

broadband connection to the Internet.

• The types of routers that can be used depend on the ISP.

Contact an ISP or a computer shop for details.

• Marantz assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any

communication errors or troubles resulting from customer’s

network environment or connected devices.

• This unit is not compatible with PPPoE. A PPPoE-compatible

router is required if you have a contract for a type of line set

by PPPoE.

• Do not connect an Ethernet connector directly to the LAN

port/ Ethernet connector on your computer.

• To listen to audio streaming, use a router that supports audio






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