Installation / initial set-up, Unpacking & delivery inspection – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Installation / Initial Set-Up


There are a number of important steps required to set up your generator for initial use. These
steps are:

Steps for Installation / Initial Set-Up

1. Unpacking & delivery inspection.

2. Planning the power load to stay within the generator’s rated


3. Setting up generator for the type of power generation you need:

a. portable power source, or

b. connected to a building as a back-up power source.

4. Selecting a site for using the generator.

5. Mounting the generator.

6. Grounding the generator.

Each of these steps is discussed in detail below:

1. Unpacking & Delivery Inspection

1. You should inspect the generator immediately after you receive delivery.

See the “Machine Component Identification” section of this manual for a
diagram of the generator and its components.

If you have missing components, contact Product Support at 1-800-270-0810.

If you have damaged components, contact the freight company that delivered the unit and file

a claim.

2. The gearbox is shipped with oil and a

temporary shipping plug.

a. Remove the temporary

shipping plug and replace
with the metal breather/oil fill
plug that is in the manual

b. Make sure that the gear oil

level is in the middle of the
sight glass, at the red dot.
Add SAE 90W gear oil as

Filler/Breather plug

Shipping plug

Sight glass