Operation (cont’d) – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Operation (cont’d)



The generator must be run at the correct speed in order to
produce the proper electrical voltage and frequency. Failure
to do so could result in damage to equipment powered by
the generator and possible injury to the individual.

Note: All engines have a tendency to slow down when a load is applied.

When electrical loads are connected to the generator, the engine is
more heavily loaded and as a result the speed drops slightly.

This slight decrease in speed, together with the voltage drop within
the generator itself, results in a slightly lower voltage when the
generator is loaded to its full capacity than when it is running with no
load. Additionally, there may be small brief surges and drops in
voltage as motors connected to the generator cycle on or off.

The slight variation in voltage, as long as the needle remains in the
green area, has no appreciable effect in the operation of motors,
lights, and most appliances.

Using as a
Back-up Power
Source for a

Each transfer switch installation will be unique. Proper instructions for how
to safely bring the generator online with the building’s electrical system
should be provided by the installing electrician, who should also provide
personal instruction to the owner/operator.

Failure to follow the proper procedure as provided by the electrician could
expose persons to the hazards noted above.

Note: After you have brought the generator online with the transfer switch,

you will need to adjust the tractor’s throttle speed to maintain correct
output voltage under load. Adjust the throttle until the needle on the
generator’s voltmeter is close to the black line in the green area. (See
more detail about maintaining proper voltage in the instructions given
above for using the generator as a portable power source.)