General, Prohibition against modifications, Safety – installation & set-up – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Summary of Important Safety Information for Operation


This section provides a summary of the various safety procedures and measures that have been

presented throughout the manual. Keep this summary handy and refer to it to refresh your memory

about how to safely use your generator.


Carefully read and make sure you understand the following safety information before using
the generator.
Improper use or maintenance of the generator can result in serious injury or death from
carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shock, entanglement, fire, or burns. In addition,
PTO shaft and generator can become airborne and cause severe injury if improperly


Read manual. Read this Owner’s Manual and the engine Owner’s Manual completely before attempting to

set-up and use the generator


Serious injury or death can result if safety instructions are not followed.

Instruct operators. The generator owner must instruct all operators in safe generator set-up and operation.

Do not allow anyone to operate the generator who has not read the Owner’s Manual and been instructed on its
safe use.

Adults only. Only trained adults should set up and operate the generator. Do not let children operate.

Under the influence. Never operate, or let anyone else operate, the generator while under the influence of

alcohol, drugs, or medication.

Intended use. Carefully read about and understand the intended use of this generator. Do not use for other

purposes, as unforeseen hazards or equipment damage may result.

Prohibition Against Modifications

Modifications prohibited. Never modify or alter the generator in any way. Modifications can create serious

safety hazards and will also void the warranty.

Guards. Do not operate generator unless all guards and cover shields, which prevent access to moving parts

and pinch points, are in place. Failure to guard the power transmission mechanisms may result in serious
injury or death.

Safety – Installation & Set-up

Mount generator. Failure to properly mount and secure the generator may cause the unit to flip violently

during use, which could cause severe injury to the operator or bystanders, or damage to surrounding objects.

The generator must be securely mounted to either a reinforced concrete slab or a trailer.

Slab or trailer must be of adequate size and strength to withstand operating torque without flipping or

structural failure.

See the “Installation / Initial Set-Up” section of this Owner’s Manual for mounting requirements and

Dry, level surface. Situate generator on a dry, firm, level surface. Ensure generator sits level and will not

slide or shift during operation. Apply parking brake, and block trailer wheels if generator is trailer-mounted.

Operate OUTSIDE only – dangerous carbon monoxide exhaust! The running tractor gives off carbon

monoxide exhaust, a poisonous gas that can kill. You CANNOT smell it, see it, or taste it. ONLY run
generator OUTDOORS and away from building air intakes. NEVER run generator inside homes, garages,
sheds, or other semi-enclosed spaces. These spaces can trap poisonous gases, EVEN if you run a fan or open

Cooling ventilation. The generator needs adequate, unobstructed flow of air to allow for proper cooling of

engine and generator head so it does not overheat and possibly cause fire. Situate so there is adequate
clearance around generator to allow for cooling airflow. Do not allow debris to accumulate and block airflow.
Keep all objects at least 7 feet away from vent slots.

Grounding. Always ensure generator is properly grounded to prevent electrical shock. This generator is

equipped with a grounding post. Always complete the grounding path from the generator to a copper pipe/rod
driven into moist earth to a sufficient depth. Check with an electrician for local grounding requirements. If a
licensed electrician installs the generator with a connection to your building’s electrical circuit for use as a
standby power system, grounding will be complete through the building’s grounding system.