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Installation / Initial Set-Up


Mounting to a
concrete slab

If you will be using the generator in a permanent location, you may
mount the generator to a reinforced concrete slab.

1. Choose a location for the slab that is as close to the load as possible (to

minimize voltage drop) and which also meets all the criteria specified in
the previous section, “4. Select a Suitable Location”.

2. The slab must:

o Be of adequate size and weight to properly anchor the generator and

resist flipping under operating torque. Typically the slab will need to
be at least 2 feet x 2 feet x 4 inches thick.

o Be reinforced with rebar in a direction perpendicular to the PTO shaft.

Rebar will strengthen the concrete to resist cracking and breaking as a
result of operating torque and vibration.

o Provide adequate elevation to ensure that the PTO driveline angle

between the generator and tractor will not exceed 15 degrees. Note:
The smaller the angle, the longer the driveline will last.

For technical guidance on the design and construction of reinforced
concrete slabs, refer to the American Concrete Institute (ACI) web site at The ACI has published several Technical Committee
documents concerning the design and construction of concrete slabs.


Never attempt to mount generator to a slab that is not large enough or
strong enough to withstand the operating torque. Slab failure could
result in the generator flipping violently and possibly causing injury
or death to those nearby.

3. Mount the plates to the concrete slab using four, grade 5, size 5/8” bolts.

Mounting Holes

Mounting Holes

Figure 6