About your generator (cont’d), Warranty registration – North Star M165951C User Manual

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About Your Generator (cont’d)


You must follow all instructions and safety precautions presented throughout this manual. A
summary of important safety information can be found at the end of the manual. Keep this
manual for reference and review.

Proper preparation, operation, and maintenance will result in operator safety as well as best
performance and long life of the generator. Failure to follow the instructions in this manual
for proper mounting, set-up, operation, and maintenance of the generator will void the
manufacturer’s warranty.

Before using, the user shall determine the suitability of this product for its intended use and
assumes liability therein. The purchaser and/or user shall assume liability for any modification
and/or alterations of this equipment from original design and manufacture, or for any non-
standard application, or for use as a subcomponent in another piece of equipment.

NorthStar is constantly improving its products. The specifications outlined herein are subject
to change without prior notice or obligation.

Contact NorthStar Product Support at 1-800-270-0810 for any questions about the
appropriate use of this generator.

Warranty Registration

Please fill out and submit the warranty registration card so that we have your contact
information for any future product literature or replacement parts you may need.


All Rental Companies and Private Owners who loan this

equipment to others!

All persons to whom you rent/loan this generator must have access to and read this manual.
Keep this owner’s manual with the generator at all times and advise all persons who will
operate the machine to read it. You must also provide personal instruction on how to safely
operate the generator and remain available to answer any questions a renter/borrower might