Installation / initial set-up – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Installation / Initial Set-Up


5. Mounting the generator

This generator must be securely mounted on a reinforced concrete slab or a PTO generator
before it is connected to your tractor’s PTO.* This will prevent the generator from flipping
due to the rotational torque of the PTO.

The slab or trailer you use must be of adequate size and strength to withstand up to
101.7 pound-foot of operating torque
without flipping or structural failure.

WARNING: Failure to properly mount and secure the generator may cause the unit

to flip violently during use, which could cause severe injury to the operator or
bystanders, or damage to surrounding objects.

Failure to properly mount the generator is not only unsafe, but will void the manufacturer’s

* Instructions for connecting generator to tractor PTO is provided later in this manual in the Operation

section, “Step 3. Connecting to the Tractor”.

Mounting to a

Mount to a trailer if you plan to use the generator as a portable source of


Never mount to a trailer that is not wide enough or strong enough to
handle the operating torque. An inadequate trailer may flip or fail due
to generator’s operating torque, potentially causing injury or death.

1. Use only a wide base trailer that is specifically designed for mounting a

PTO generator.

A PTO generator trailer is designed to be of adequate size and strength

to withstand the generator’s operating torque without flipping or
structural failure.

o The trailer wheelbase must be wide enough to prevent flipping.
o The trailer base must be constructed of thick enough steel to

prevent metal fatigue from the constant vibration of the generator.

A trailer specifically designed for use with PTO generators rated up to

60,000 Watts is available from NorthStar -- Item #165959.

2. Mount the generator on the trailer so it is:

o Balanced forward of the trailer axle to prevent the trailer from

tipping backward.

o Centered side-to-side between the trailer’s wheels to minimize the

possibility the trailer will flip due to operating torque.

If using the NorthStar PTO trailer (Item #165959), specific mounting bolt
patterns are illustrated in the trailer’s Owner’s Manual for various
NorthStar PTO generator models.

3. Bolt the generator to the trailer base using four, 5/8” grade 5 bolts. See the

next section: “Mounting to a concrete slab”, Figure 6.