Reference guide – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Machine Component Identification – Item #165951E.1 (cont’d)



Reference 1

– Alternator

The generator head produces energy.

Reference 2

– Grounding Screw

Use to ground the generator to a copper pipe
or rod that is driven into moist soil.

Reference 3

– Isomounts

Reduces vibrations transmitted to the control

Reference 4

– 30A Circuit Breaker Thermal magnetic breaker protects against

over currents and short circuits.

Reference 5

– 120V Receptacles

One 120V 20A straight blade receptacle
duplex (two receptacles in a common
housing). National Electrical Manufacturer’s
Association (NEMA) number 5-20R.

Reference 6

– 20A Circuit Breaker (Qty 2) Push to reset style thermal breakers

protect against over currents.

Reference 7

– 120/240V Locking


30A receptacle, NEMA L14-30R.

Reference 8

– Gearbox

1:7 gear ratio.

Reference 9

– Filler/Breather Plug Fill oil here; use SAE 90W gear oil.

Reference 10

– Implement Shield

Never operate generator without shield in

Reference 11

– Fan Vents

Never block the vent slots or insert objects
through the slots. The closest object should
be at least 3 feet away from the vents.

Reference 12

– Mounting Holes

Use these locations to mount the generator in

place with 5/8” grade 5 bolts.

Reference 13

– Voltmeter

Needle should be in green area during all

generator load conditions. The black line in
the center of the green area indicates 120V.
During no load conditions, the needle should
be at or above the black line.

Reference 14

– 1-3/8” Diameter 6

Spline Input Shaft

Requires 14 HP or greater at 540 RPM.

Reference 15

– Oil Fill Sight Glass When oil is even with the red dot, the oil level

is correct. Check oil level daily.

Reference 16

– Oil Drain Plug

Remove to drain oil from gearbox.