Operation (cont’d) – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Operation (cont’d)


6. Stopping

Stop the generator using the following steps:

1. Disconnect all loads to generator. (Never reduce throttle with electrical loads connected.

Damage to generator and loads will occur.)

2. After all loads are disconnected, slowly reduce PTO speed to a minimum and then disengage


3. Shut OFF the tractor engine.

4. Remove the PTO driveline shaft from generator and tractor.

7. Storage & Exercise

When you are finished using the generator, you must:

o Disconnect all loads and PTO driveline
o Store the generator properly
o Plan on exercising the engine regularly

Detailed instructions are provided below.

Disconnect loads &

When you are finished using the generator:

1. Make sure all loads are disconnected from generator’s outlets.
2. Make sure the generator is disconnected from the PTO.

Store in

1. Let generator cool for at least five minutes before storing. Hot

equipment can be a fire hazard near combustible materials.

2. Store the generator in a location that is:

o Clean and dry. It is important to keep the generator windings free of


o Away from extreme high or low temperatures.

Exercise generator
every 4 weeks

The generator should be exercised regularly.
At least every four weeks, start the generator and let it run for 10 to 15

Monthly exercising of the generator will:

o Dry out any moisture that has accumulated in the windings. If left,

this moisture can cause corrosion in the winding.

o Ensure that the unit is operating properly should it be needed in an


Perform regular

Perform periodic maintenance as directed in this manual to keep the
generator in safe working condition.