Operation (cont’d) – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Operation (cont’d)


Adjusting / repairing. Always turn off generator and remove PTO driveline before working on the

generator. Always discharge the capacitor before working on the generator head to prevent electrical
shock. (See Maintenance & Repair section of this manual for instructions on how to do this.)

Carbon monoxide poisoning. The running tractor engine gives off carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas

that can kill you. You CANNOT smell it, see it, or taste it. Follow all instructions for site selection and
positioning the tractor and generator, and avoid inhaling the exhaust. If you start to feel sick, dizzy, or
weak, shut off the tractor and get to fresh air RIGHT AWAY. See a doctor. You may have carbon
monoxide poisoning.

Electrical cords. Use only UL-listed, outdoor-rated, three prong extension cords of the proper size. All

extension and appliance cords must be in good condition and not worn, bare, frayed, or otherwise
damaged. Use of inadequate or damaged electric cords can cause electric shock or fire.

GFCI extension cords. Always use ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)-equipped extension cords in

damp or highly electrical conductive areas and on construction jobsites to prevent electrical shock.

Avoid contact. Avoid contact with bare wires, terminals, connections, etc. while the unit is running.

Wet conditions. Do not operate the generator or handle any electrical equipment while standing in water,

while barefoot, while hands are wet or while in the rain or snow. Electric shock may result.

Electric shock accident. If an electric shock accident occurs, immediately shut down the source of

electrical power. If this is not possible, attempt to free the victim from the live conductor. Avoid direct
contact with victim. Use a nonconducting implement, such as a dry rope or board, to free the victim from
the live conductor. Apply first aid and get immediate medical help.

Smoking/sparks. Never smoke near the running generator, and never operate near sources of sparks or


Hot parts. Parts of the generator are extremely hot during and after operation and can burn you. Never

touch hot gearbox, and do not touch any other part of the generator unless you have first determined if it
is hot. Wait a sufficient time for parts to cool before touching any part of the generator.

Moving parts. Keep hands, feet, and apparel away from PTO connections, drive shaft, belts, fans, and

other moving parts. Never attempt to remove drive shaft or any guard or shield while the unit is

2. Preparing for Operation


Make sure the generator is mounted in accordance with instructions given
in “Installation / Initial Set-up section, Step 5: Mounting the Generator” of
this manual.


Always ensure generator is properly mounted to prevent it from flipping
during use, which could cause equipment damage and injury to nearby


Position tractor and generator in accordance with the instructions given in
“Installation / Initial Set-up section, Step 4: Select a Suitable Site” of this
Operate outside only, on dry, level ground with adequate clearance and
ventilation. Apply parking brake, and block trailer wheels if generator is trailer-

WARNING: Carbon monoxide poisoning hazard

The tractor engine gives off carbon monoxide exhaust, a poisonous gas
that can kill. You CANNOT smell it, see it, or taste it. ONLY run