Maintenance & repair (cont’d) – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Maintenance & Repair (cont’d)


2. Change oil every year:

a. Drain oil from gearbox (drain plug is underneath gearbox).
b. Replace drain plug.
c. Refill with SAE 90W gear oil. Refill so that oil level is even with the

red dot.

Under long, continuous-run operating conditions, be prepared to add and
change oil more frequently:

Check gear oil level daily.

Change gear oil monthly.

Check receptacles

Check receptacles before each use to make sure they are not cracked or
If a receptacle is cracked or otherwise damaged, do not use until replaced
with an authorized factory part. Using cracked or damaged receptacles can be
both dangerous to the operator and destructive to the equipment.

Keep generator

Keep generator clean.
If dust or debris accumulates on the generator, clean the generator with a
damp cloth or soft bristle brush. Do not allow air intakes to become blocked.

Note: Do not spray generator with a garden hose or pressure washer.
Water may enter the generator and cause damage to the rotor, stator, or
internal windings.

If a part needs replacement, only use parts that meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Replace-
ment parts that do not meet specifications may result in a safety hazard or poor operation of the

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