Operation (cont’d) – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Operation (cont’d)


3. Connecting to the Tractor

Follow the instructions in this section to connect the generator to the tractor’s PTO via a
driveline shaft
(purchased separately).

Acquire PTO
driveline shaft

Acquire a synchronized 1-3/8”, 6 spline PTO driveline rated at 24 HP

A suitable PTO driveline, available from Northern Tool (Item #165936),
includes the following advanced safety features:

A telescoping shaft

o to provide flexible accommodation of mounting distance between

tractor and generator

o to allow for dynamic compression and stretching while turning or

driving a trailer-mounted generator over uneven ground.

Protrusion-free end yokes with slide collars that lock into place.

An internal cable stop to prevent separation of driveline halves.

A non-rotating tubular shaft guard with anchoring chain, plus shield cones

that cover the rotating yokes with a 2” overlap

Grease zerks to allow for proper lubrication of driveline joints.

It is strongly recommended that any driveline utilized have these safety

Attach PTO
driveline shaft

Connect the PTO driveline shaft to the tractor and generator:

1. Align the tractor and generator to minimize the driveline angle in both the

horizontal and vertical planes; it should be as near to a direct line in all
directions as possible. The angle should never exceed 15° in any direction.

Note: Proper alignment will increase the life of the power takeoff shaft,

reduce wear on the bearings of the PTO and generator, and
reduce vibration.

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