Maintenance & repair – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Maintenance & Repair


Inspect and maintain your generator as specified below in order to keep it in safe and optimal
working order. Follow all safety rules and recommended maintenance steps.


ALWAYS shut off the engine, remove PTO driveline and discharge the capacitor before
cleaning, adjusting, or servicing the generator. Make sure all guards and shields are
replaced before using.

Note: The generator head is brushless and maintenance free. The bearing is a heavy-duty
sealed ball bearing which requires no maintenance or lubrication.

Maintenance & Repair

Follow safety rules

Read and follow these safety rules whenever you will be servicing the

Turn off generator. Always stop tractor engine and remove PTO driveline

before working on the engine or generator to prevent accidental starting.

Discharge capacitor. When the generator is shut down, the capacitor may

maintain a charge. Always discharge the capacitor before working on the
generator head to prevent electrical shock. Discharge using a screwdriver with an
insulated handle. While wearing safety glasses, touch opposite terminals of the
capacitor together with the tip of the screwdriver. If there is stored charge in the
capacitor, a spark will be generated thereby discharging the capacitor.

Replace guards. Make sure all guards and shields are replaced after servicing

the generator.

Repair. Major service, including the installation or replacement of parts, should

be performed only by a qualified electrical service technician. Obtain factory
approved parts from Northern Tool Product Support at 1-800-270-0810.

Replacement parts. If a part needs replacement, only use factory approved

repair parts. Replacement parts that do not meet specifications may result in a
safety hazard or poor operation of the generator and will void the warranty.

Maintain gear oil

Check the gear oil level before each use and add oil as needed. Change
gear oil every year.

WARNING: Burn hazard

Never open oil port while generator is running. Hot oil can spray over
face and body.

1. Check/add oil before each use:

a. Check oil level using the sight mounted on the gear box. When oil

level is even with the red dot, the oil level is correct.

b. If oil needs to be added, remove the filler/breather plug at the top of

the gearbox. Use SAE 90W gear oil to refill so that oil level is even
with the red dot. Do not overfill. Overfilling can cause the oil to
overheat and cause damage to generator.