Installation / initial set-up – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Installation / Initial Set-Up


Do not run the generator in close proximity to other heat-generating

equipment, such as another generator. The combined heat that is
generated may raise air temperature in the immediate area and there will
not be adequate cooling ventilation.

Do not allow debris to accumulate and block airflow.

Do not operate with a tarp, blanket, or cover surrounding the generator.

Hot tractor
exhaust clearance

The exhaust gas from your tractor is extremely hot and can cause
combustible materials to catch on fire.

Position tractor at a safe distance from all nearby combustible materials

and buildings/structures. Refer to your tractor manual to determine the
safe clearance distance required for hot tractor exhaust in particular.

Keep a fire extinguisher rated “ABC” nearby. Keep it properly charged

and be familiar with its use.

No wet conditions Choose a location where the generator will NOT be exposed to rain,

snow, or direct sunlight. Exposure to water can cause electric shock.

You may operate the generator under an outdoor, canopy-like structure of
heat-resistant material that is open on all sides. Make sure that all parts of
canopy are:

at least 7’ from generator

at an adequate safe clearance from hot tractor exhaust.

Allow for adequate clearance above generator so that heat from generator
does not build up.

Away from

Do not use the generator in extremely dusty or dirty conditions.
Excessive dust and dirt can cause premature failure of the machine.


Generators can produce noise levels of up to 95 dB in close proximity,
which can be dangerous to human hearing with prolonged exposure.
(This is in addition to the noise produced by the tractor.)

Hearing protection may be required for persons working within 15-20 feet of
the running generator for an extended period of time.