Operation (cont’d) – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Operation (cont’d)


2. Ensure that the tractor PTO is disengaged and the tractor is turned OFF.
3. Connect one end of the PTO driveline shaft to the generator’s input shaft.
4. Connect the other end to the tractor PTO stub.


Make sure PTO driveline shaft is securely locked at both ends. Unlocked
PTO shafts can whip or become dangerously airborne.

driveline guard
& check

1. A driveline GUARD must ALWAYS be used with the driveline shaft.

Secure the driveline guard according to manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Make sure the tractor and generator shields are in place at both ends of the

driveline shaft:

o On the tractor where the driveline connects to the PTO stub
o On the generator where the driveline connects to the input shaft.


Never operate the generator without proper PTO guarding, including a
freely rotating shaft guard as well as tractor and generator shields at both
ends. Clothing or hair can become rapidly entangled in unguarded
rotating PTO shaft or connections, resulting in serious injury or death.

4. Starting the Generator

To start the generator:

1. Start the tractor with the PTO control in the “disengaged” position.
2. While seated on the tractor and the engine at idle, engage the PTO.
3. Slowly increase the throttle until the needle in the generator voltmeter is at or above

the black line in the green area.