Limited warranty – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Limited Warranty


Dear Valued Customer:

The NorthStar Product you just purchased is built with the finest material and craftsmanship. Use this product
properly and enjoy the benefits from its high performance. By purchasing a NorthStar product, you show a
desire for quality and durability.

Like all mechanical equipment this unit requires a due amount of care. Treat this unit like the high quality
piece of machinery it is. Neglect and improper handling may impair its performance. Please thoroughly read
the instructions and understand the operation before using your product.

Limited Warranty

NorthStar shall warranty any

piece of equipment manufactured, or parts of equipment manufactured, to be free

from defects in material or workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase by user. This
warranty applies to the original purchaser of the equipment and is non transferable. Verification of purchase is
the responsibility of the buyer. Parts will be replaced or repaired at no charge, except when the equipment has
failed due to lack of proper maintenance. Any misuse, abuse, alteration or improper installation or operations
will void warranty. Determining whether a part is to be replaced or repaired is the sole decision of NorthStar.

Some services performed by parties other than NorthStar may void warranty.

This warranty covers parts only. It will not provide for replacement of complete products due to defective parts.
Components not manufactured by NorthStar such as engines are guaranteed by their manufacturer and can be
serviced at factory-authorized locations near you. Any costs incurred due to replacement or repair of items
outside of a NorthStar approved facility is the responsibility of the buyer and not covered under warranty.
NorthStar can supply you with the service center location in your area.

This warranty specifically excludes the following; failure of parts due to damage caused by accident, fire,
flood, windstorm, acts of God, applications not approved by NorthStar in writing, corrosion caused by
chemicals, use of replacement parts which do not conform to manufacturer’s specifications, and damage caused
by vandalism. Additional exclusions: loss of running time, inconvenience, loss of income, or loss of use,
including any implied warranty of merchantability of fitness for a specific use.

Warranty does not cover items subject to normal wear such as tires, receptacles or any part subject to direct
physical contact by the public. This warranty does not cover any personal injury or damage to surrounding
property caused by failure of any part.

This warranty is in lieu of any other warranty expressed or implied and NorthStar assumes no other
responsibility or liability outside that expressed within this warranty.

Please fill in the following information and have it on hand when you call in a warranty claim.

Customer Number: ______________________________________________________________

Date of Purchase: _______________________________________________________________

NorthStar Serial Number: _________________________________________________________

Item Number: __________________________________________________________________