Installation / initial set-up, Grounding the generator – North Star M165951C User Manual

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Installation / Initial Set-Up


6. Grounding the generator

Always ensure the generator is properly grounded to prevent electrical shock.

You must always ground the generator by the following method when using the generator as a
portable electrical source:

1) Drive a ¾” or 1” copper pipe or rod into the ground close to the generator. The pipe/rod

must penetrate moist earth – the depth required will be dictated by local soil conditions.
Consult with an electrician.

2) Connect an approved ground clamp to the pipe.

3) Run an 8 gauge wire from the clamp to the generator grounding screw

located on the rear of

the generator head.

4) Do not connect the generator grounding post to a water pipe or a ground used by a radio


5) The generator must be grounded every time it is moved.

If a licensed electrician installs the generator with a connection to your building’s electrical circuit
for use as a back-up power system, grounding may alternatively be completed through the
building’s grounding system. Ask your electrician. If the generator is not grounded through your
building’s electrical system, follow the procedure above.


Operating the generator when it is not properly grounded can result in electrical shock.

Grounding Post

8 Ga. Wire