About your generator, Read this manual, Warning – North Star M165951C User Manual

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About Your Generator


Thank you for purchasing your NorthStar PTO generator!

About Your Generator

This PTO-driven, portable generator is designed to provide up to 7200 Watts of electrical
(7200 watts continuous, 7800 watts Surge).

Connected to your tractor’s power take-off

(PTO)*, the generator can supply power:

1. As a portable power source. You can plug appliances directly into the generator’s

electrical outlets.

2. As a back-up, standby power source for a building. A licensed electrician can connect

the generator to your building’s electrical system via the installation of an UL-approved
transfer switch.
(See the “Installation & Initial Set-up” section of this manual to learn
more about specific requirements and precautions relating to wiring the generator to your
building’s electrical system.)

* Your tractor’s PTO must produce a minimum of 14 HP at 540 RPM.

You must select a generator adequately sized for your power needs. You need to
determine the power needs of all the appliances/tools you wish to power at the same time and
choose a generator rated to provide at least that power level. See the “Power Load Planning &
Management” section of this manual to determine your specific power load requirements and
then compare them to this generator’s rated capacity. You must not overload the generator.
Overloading will cause damage to the generator and attached electrical devices, and may also
result in fire.

This generator must be mounted on a reinforced concrete slab or a PTO generator
so that the generator will not flip during use due to the rotational force of the PTO.
The slab or trailer must be of adequate size and strength to withstand operating torque without
flipping or structural failure. A trailer designed specifically for use with PTO generators rated
up to 60,000 Watts is available from NorthStar -- Item #165959. More detailed information
about mounting can be found in the “Installation / Initial Set-Up” section of this manual.

Be sure to read about site selection and grounding requirements for running this
More detailed information can be found in the “Installation & Initial Set-up, Steps
5 & 6” of this manual.

Optional accessories available from NorthStar include PTO drivelines, UL-approved transfer
switches and extension cords. Contact NorthStar Product Support at 1-800-270-0810 with
questions about optional accessories or to order.

Read this Manual


Improper use or maintenance of this generator can result in serious injury or death from
carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shock/electrocution, entanglement, flying objects,
fire, or burns
In addition, PTO shaft and generator can become airborne and cause
severe injury
if improperly secured.

Read this manual completely before using the generator and follow all instructions and
safety rules.